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Introduction to Artificial Satellite

A satellite is fundamentally an object which revolves about another object of a relatively large size, they can be natural or artificial. The artificial satellite is developed by NASA. They manufactured satellite as an object which can orbits earth always or some other body in space. The majority artificial satellites are mainly for revolves around earth. Artificial satellites could be said as a useful by products of the cold war.

History and Types of Artificial Satellites:

History of artificial satellites:

The soviet and the United States have an idea to launch an artificial satellite at the year of 1955.

On October 4, 1957, soviet union launched sputnik 1 is the first artificial satellite. It can round the earth once every 96 min and transmits radio signals which is received on earth. The second artificial satellite launched by the soviet is sputnik at November-3, 1957. This satellite carried a dog whose name is laika. It was the first animal which traveled into the space.

        The United States launched its first satellite named Explorer 1. It in the year of Jan-31, 1958. The second satellite launched by the United States is Vanguard on march 17 1958. The Vanguard was looked as a jet machine. It has a cosmic ray detector which is used to determine the radiation surroundings in earth orbit.

Types of artificial satellites:

  • Scientific research satellites
  • Weather satellites
  • Communication satellites
  • Navigation satellites
  • Military satellites
  • Earth observing satellites

Importance of Artificial Satellite:

Importance of Artificial satellite:

  • Artificial satellite provides a broad range of applications for future. With our varying weather and natural disasters  like hurricane Katrina and the tsunami and a bad hurricane season expected almost every year.
  • Satellites is necessary for communication.
  • Remote Sensing is one of the areas where satellites are extensively used.
  • Military forces uses the satellites to keep an eye on movements of enemies.
  • Artificial satellites are used for detecting the natural disasters. It can help to save from harm.
  • These values of Artificial Satellites will go way up as they help us face the challenges that will arrives in the futures