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Introduction to Bernoulli's Principle

Daniel Bernoulli was the one who formulated the Bernoulli principle. The Bernoulli's Principle Definition states a relation b/w v, p and h of non viscous fluid. The flow is horizontal in nature. Here p is the pressure, v is the velocity and h is the height.

According to the Bernoulli principle the v and p of the fluid that is flowing are inversely proportional to each other, that is if the velocity would increase then it will lead to a decrease in the pressure of the fluid.

Bernoulli principle equation can be stated as:

P/ p g + v2 / 2 g + z = K

This is called Bernoulli's Principle Equation where

P/ p g = pressure energy per unit weight fluid or pressure head.

V2/ 2 g = kinetic energy per unit weight or kinetic head.

z= potential energy per unit weight or potential head.


P= pressure, p = rho

There are quite many Bernoulli's Principle Examples. Let us just take a simple one. Consider the air plane flying. How is it possible? Have you ever thought about it? Well the answer lies in the Bernoulli principle which is kept in mind while designing the wings so that the pressure exerted from below the wings is greater than that exerted from the top and the plane rises up in the sky. Even you can consider the cars whose tires are built in such a manner that during racing the pressure is exerted such that the car remains on the track.

Try this out Bernoulli Equation which i would like to share with you it may help you.

Bernoulli principle is also used in designing of scientific devices like Venturi meter. It is also used for making orifice meter. Have you heard about the pilot tube, yes it is also based on the same principle. The venture in the carburetor of the vehicles also works on this principle. Channel hydraulic is another area of application.

Like these there are endless applications and many are yet to be discovered. All of these come under fluid flow. So when we consider the fluid flow we can assume that this principle will be applied and hence sum of all the components acting in a particular direction would remain constant whatsoever. This is an important implication of Bernoulli principle and should be remembered. We can consider the movement or the flow of both types of liquids that is viscous liquid sand also the non viscous flow. It is important to note that the type or nature of liquid may affect the pressure etc. but overall they remain constant.

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