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Chemistry in everyday Life 

Chemistry is an integral part of human life, right from waking up through taking bath, food, having drinks till we go to bed.

  • The Bread toast that is made in the early morning has chemistry, it’s get toasted by oxidizing the layer.
  • The Colors Television works by exciting the Electrons to high energy beams of light.
  • Intake of any Medicines has Chemistry behind it.
  • Microwave which is used to cook works on Chemistry by exciting the Water Molecules to invisible light.
  • The Salt what we use in day to day life is nothing but Sodium Bicarbonate.
  • The Soap what we use is made using Fatty Acid Salt.
  • Shampoo is also made using Sodium Lauryl Sulfate.
  • Color present in most of the Vegetables and Fruits are due to a special kind of chemical compounds called carotenoids.
  • We use to shed tears while we chop Onions that is also because of a chemical that present in Onion, the Chemical name Sulfur.
  • The secret behind the Blue sky is also due to reflection of light. The light that comes from Sun contains all type of Wavelength, we it falls to an object some of the Wavelengths are absorbed and some will get reflected back. For example, “Blue Object” absorbs all the colors except “Blue”, so it reflects the “Blue color” back that makes Sky as blue. This is called as Rayleigh scattering.
  • Sugar what we use also have a component called “Lactose”.
  • Even in cosmetics we have chemical involved such as Talcum powder has Magnesium Silicate which is an anti-absorbent.
  • The one which is used for cleansing and emulsifier has Stearic Acid


 These were the examples of chemistry in everyday life.

Chemistry in Everyday Life

Presence of Chemistry is there in every instant. In some places we were aware of it, some we don’t. Some example where Chemistry is involved viz; Medicines, Fertilizers, Cosmetics, Paints, processed foods, Electricity, so on

Chemistry in Everyday Life: Conclusion

Science can be either a boon if used effectively and efficiently or a curse if used in wrong ways. Thus Chemistry being a major part of science is no exclusion for this. Therefore the knowledge on chemistry and the substances used in that should always be used for the benefits of our society.