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Chemistry is an integral part of human life, right from waking up through taking bath, food, having drinks till we go to bed.

  • The Bread toast that is made in the early morning has chemistry, it’s get toasted by oxidizing the layer.
  • The Colors Television works by exciting the Electrons to high energy beams of light.
  • Intake of any Medicines has Chemistry behind it.
  • Microwave which is used to cook works on Chemistry by exciting the Water Molecules to invisible light.
  • The Salt what we use in day to day life is nothing but Sodium Bicarbonate.
  • The Soap what we use is made using Fatty Acid Salt.
  • Shampoo is also made using Sodium Lauryl Sulfate.
  • Color present in most of the Vegetables and Fruits are due to a special kind of chemical compounds called carotenoids.
  • We use to shed tears while we chop Onions that is also because of a chemical that present in Onion, the Chemical name Sulfur.