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Introduction to Concepts of Temperature

It means expansion andcontraction of any substance like when your body carries heat youractivity in body of human or in any substance or metals, it createscontraction and expansion. When we give heat to ice it means itstemp. Going to increase and it become water and same as if you putwater in freeze it become ice because of contraction in substance dueto decrease in temp. Measurement of temp. With the help of certainunits like Degree Celsius, Kelvin, Fahrenheit, and Rankine.Conversion is also essential like Conversionfrom Fahrenheit to Kelvin Fahrenheit stand “f” and Kelvinstands for “k”. When we convert Fahrenheit into Kelvin we useformula Fahrenheit minus 32 and multiply by 5/9 same as when weConvert Kelvin to Fahrenheit FormulaKelvin minus 273 multiply by 9/5 and add 32, now convert Celsius toFahrenheit we use Celsius multiply by 9/5 and add 32 ConvertingKelvin to Fahrenheit is based on above described formula. NowFahrenheit to Celsius we use Fahrenheit minus 32 multiply by 5/9 andlast is Celsius to Fahrenheit we use Celsius plus 273 all areformulas helps us to conversion from one unit to another.

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Temp is increase ordecrease in temperature of climate or changes in substances andconversion of states all these activity happens through temp. Temp.Helps to convert iron, gold, aluminum, copper and other metals intoother forms. In any chemical reaction or any mixture of chemical tempplays precious role because slight changes in temp. Creates problem,like when we mix of two chemicals and then burn on particular temp.And if temp is too high or low may be it makes wrong substance or maybe it burst. That mean in balance in chemical also creates disasterand all are Temperature Conversion Problems.Temp. also plays vital role as understand through Definitionfor Temperature. In human body decrease in temp. of human bodyhappens fever in human because of contraction in blood cells and hightemp. means expansion of human cells so normal temp of human body is37 degree Celsius and if more increase and decrease in human temphappen high and low blood pressure. Today temp helps to know temp. ofparticular city, area or country and what changes will happen inweather or in climate. All natural disaster takes place becauseincrease and decrease in temp. and all this happen natural or it is anatural activity.

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