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Effects of Specific Heat Capacity of Water on Aquatic Animals

The amount of energyrequired for heating the substance is called Specific heat. Thecapacity of substance absorbed energy in the form of heat and mass ofsubstance absorbed energy kilogram per unit Celsius and it is showSpecific Heat Capacity Definition. Theheat capacity of calorimeter system is equal to the sum of totalamount of energy absorbed in calorimeter and amount of substance incalorimeter system and it is Define SpecificHeat Capacity. Specific heat is physical quantity of substanceand it can measure amount of heat required for changing the state ofmatter and also measure fluctuating temperature. Temperature isfluctuating kinetic energy of substance and amount of heat fluctuatethermal energy.

SpecificHeat Capacity Water is higher than other substances. Theamount of water used in calorimeter system and amount of heatabsorbed by water in calorimeter is equal to the total Specific ofwater. It is measured in joules per Kelvin. The amount of energyrequired for per mole of water per degree Celsius. Specific heat ofwater is useful for aquatic animals because water has property ofSpecific heat and it neither is boil fast nor cools fast. So,temperature of ocean, sea is always same in all season. So, animalshave no effect of temperature in winter or summer. The temperaturesof water in sea or ocean are always same. SpecificHeat Capacity Equation is defines as amount of heat or energyrequired for substance per unit mass always .

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The amount of energy requires absorbing by the substance incalorimeter system and heat required per mole per unit mass ofcalorimeter in terms of Calorimetry Definition.Calorimetric system is measurable device of physical quantity of heatand temperature. The temperature depends on amount of heat andpressure is depending on amount of temperature. If temperatureincreases then pressure decreases and if temperature decreases thenpressure increases. The amount of heat also depends on particlesfunction like if particles vibrate, translate and rotate then kineticenergy and potential energy produces. Specific heat also depends onboth kinetic energy and potential energy. SpecificHeat Capacity of Air has some effectslike temperature of air varies according to atmosphere and it isdepend on seasonal environment. Specificheat of water and air has difference because water has highest Specificheat but air has less Specific heat.

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