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Importance and Applications of Coordination Compounds

The applications coordination compounds are of great importance. These compounds are widely present in the mineral, plant and animal worlds and are known to play many important functions in the area of analytical chemistry, metallurgy, biological function system, industry and medicine. A compound containing single or additional organize bonds, which is a connection among a couple of electrons in which together electrons are donated by one of the atoms.

Importance and Applications of Coordination Compounds:

Importance and applications of coordination compounds find use in many qualitative and quantitative chemical analyses. The familiar color reactions given by metal ions with number of ligands. Similarly purification of metal can be achieved through formation and sub sequence decomposition of their coordination compounds.

Inflexibility of water is predictable by simple titration with Na2EDTA.the Ca2+ and Mg2+ ions form stable complex with EDTA. The selective estimation of these ions can be done due to difference in the stability constants of calcium and magnesium complexes. Some important extraction processes of metals like those of silver and gold, make use of complex formation.

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Importance and applications of coordination compounds are of great importance in biological system. The pigment responsible for photosynthesis chlorophyll is a coordinated compound of magnesium. Haemoglobin, the red pigment of blood which acts as oxygen carrier is a coordination compound of iron. Coordination compounds are used as catalysts for many industrial processes.

Applications of articles can be electroplating with the silver and gold much more smoothly and evenly from the solution of the complexes. In black and white photography, the developed film is fixed by washing with hypo solution which dissolves the unrecompensed AgBr to from a complex ion [Ag9S2O3)2]3-

There is growing interest in the user of chelate therapy in medicinal chemistry. An example is the treatment of problem caused by the presence of metal in toxic proportion in plant and animal. Thus, excess of copper and iron are removed by chelating ligands D-penicillamine and desferrioxime B via the formation of the coordination compounds. EDTA is use in the conduct of guide poisoning. Some coordination compounds of platinum effectively inhibit the growth of tumours.