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Magnetic Flux

Magnetic Flux Definition 

We Define Magnetic Flux as the magnetic field passing through a surface area. It is given by the product of magnetic field and the area which is perpendicular to the field. If it is not perpendicular then its perpendicular component is multiplied by the magnetic field. It is represented by phi (φ). Its equation is given as:

φ = B.A, here B is magnetic field and A is area perpendicular to the magnetic field.

If not perpendicular then we give flux equation as:

φ = B.A cosӨ.

Here Ө is angle between the normal ofthe surface and magnetic field line.

Unit of magnetic flux is Weber or Wb. Magnetic flux is zero for closed surfaces. This was proposed by gauss law.

Magnetic flux density is just like any other density. It measures that how dense or strong a magnetic field is. We define it as the amount of magnetic field lines passing through per unit surface area. This quantity is the measurement of denseness or strength of the magnetic field. It is represented by B.

                                                      Magnetic Flux

Magnetic flux density depends on the density of magnetic field line or number of magnetic field lines per unit area. As shown in above figure, first surface area has less flux density and second has more as there are less magnetic field lines for first surface. Magnetic flux density does not depend on the surface area of a body. It is magnetic flux which depends on the surface area. for example if two different surface areas are place in B of same density then there will be change in flux but not in density. Magnetic flux density only depends on the density of magnetic field lines.

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Magnetic Flux Density 

Equation is given by: B = µ H

In above equation µ is permeability(Henry/metre) of the material and H is magnitude magnetic field.

magnetic flux density units are Wb/m2 or Tesla.Magnetic flux density id a vector and therefore has a magnitude and direction.

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