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Mg Force Impulse

To begin with, mg force impulse, we begin with the force mg, where, m is the mass of the body and g is the acceleration due to gravity. Acceleration due to gravity deals with the branch of physics named as gravitation. The gravitation was discovered by Newton in 1665 as he saw an apple falling down from a tree. The force exerted on a body due to the gravitation is the weakest force in nature but is very important force. The gravitation force has significant applications in the present advancement of Physics. Here we discuss the mg force impulse.

Description about Force Impulse

The force of attraction between two bodies on the surface of the earth is called the force of gravitation and the force between the earth and the other body is called the force of gravity. The force of gravity acting on the body is the measure of the weight of the body. Thus, the weight of the body is defined as the force of attraction exerted by the earth on the body towards its centre. If m be the mass of the body placed on the surface of earth where acceleration due to gravity is g, then the gravity pull is equal to the weight of the body is equal to mg. The units of the weight or mg is same as the force that means Newton is the SI unit and kg wt. is the gravitational unit of force mg. the dimension of the force mg is [MLT-2]. 

Weighing Machine   

Image of the weighing machine

 F = mg

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Conclusion for Force Impulse which is Equal to Mg

As per the discussion on mg force impulse, we conclude that the force mg on the body is not a constant quantity. The value of mg changes as the value of acceleration due to gravity changes. The value of mg decreases in both the cases as we go up the earth’s surface and below the earth’s surface. The value of acceleration due to gravity is zero in some particular cases so that the force mg is zero. The particular cases in which the force mg is zero are as follows:

(i)      When the body is taken at the centre of the earth.

(ii)    When the body is taken at the null point(where the gravitational force of the earth balances by any other celestial body)

(iii)   When the body is placed in a freely falling lift.

(iv)  When the body is inside a space craft or satellite which is orbiting the around the earth.

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