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Introduction to Pharmaceutical Chemistry

Pharmaceutical chemistry mainly deals with the formulation of the many pharmaceutical product.  By formulation we mean that active ingredient is mixed with stabilizer and preservatives.

It deals with what kind of formulation a drug is supposed to have.  We know we have at present three formulation

1. Tablet form which is compressed by  pressing machine normally some amount of binders like starch and preservatives and stabilizers are used for this purpose

2. Capsule some active ingredient cannot be compressed as they may not withstand the pressure or they may decompose.  So for that capsules are use. The active ingredient is mixed with stabilizer and preservatives and are packed in the capsules.

3. Syrups which is colloidal form of medicine which can be used when the ingredient are mostly liquid and also in cases where the patients like new born baby who cannot swallow the capsule or tablet

Active Ingredient in Pharmaceutical Chemistry

The chemical compounds or the active ingredient  which exert, various physiological effects of therapeutic value are called drugs. Drugs fall into two general categories : 1. The active ingredient that are used in the treatment and cure of any specific disease. 2. The drugs that have some characteristic effect on the animal organism, but do not have any remedial effect for a particular disease. This class includes, morphine, cocaine etc.

The effects of the active ingredient in a medicine belonging to the first category are described by the term chemotherapy. Treatment of certain diseases by destroying the invading organism without damaging the cells of the host, by the use of certain organic compounds in known as chemotherapy.

The pharmaceutical chemistry involves the preparation of Anesthetics (the drugs which produce loss of sensation are called anesthetics ),  Analgesics  (Analgesics are the compounds which relieve all sorts of pains without the loss of consciousness.), Antipyretics (Antipyretics are the compounds which are used for the purpose of reducing fever -lowering the body temperature to the normal).