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Properties of Passive Component Capacitance and Resistance

Capacitance is storagedevice of electric current and we can store current in static wayalso. It is directly proportional to charge and inverselyproportional to voltage. Capacitance Equationsare defined as flow charge in bodies divide by voltage used incircuit. Unit of capacitance is farad and coulomb per volt.

The surface area betweentwo plates is directly proportional to capacitance and distancebetween two plates is inversely proportional to the capacitance and interms of area and distance it DefineCapacitance.

It is equal to area ofbody and divides by distance of body and one constant is used and itis called as electric permittivity. The flow of charges in conductormay be positive or negative.

It depends on charge soin transient response of current if current increases then it showpositive capacitnce but if it shows negative effect of current thenit is defined as Negative Capacitance.

The flow of electrons inconductor is defines as electric current. Introductionto Electric Circuits the electrons move from positive terminalto negative terminal then current flow from negative terminal topositive terminal. Direction of electric current is opposite to thedirection of flow of current in conductor.

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According to ohms lawvoltage is directly proportional to the current and a constant isused and it is define as resistance. So, electric current is equal tomultiplication of voltage and resistance. The unit of electriccurrent is ampere or volt per ohm. When electric current increases incircuit then voltage also increases and vice versa but resistancedecreases in circuit and similarly if resistance increases in circuitthen current decreases in circuit.

Resistance of conductoris defined in terms of length and area of conductor and it isinversely proportional to area of conductor and directly proportionalto length of conductor.

Current depends onvoltage and resistance and resistance is also defined as obstructionin current is called resistance. Resistance connected in electriccircuit is depends on shape of connections, it may be parallel or inseries.

If all resistances areconnected in series then Equivalent SeriesResistance is equal to algebraic sum of all resistanceconnected in series.

If all resistancesconnected in circuit in parallel form then equivalent resistance iscalculated by reciprocal of equivalent resistance is equal toalgebraic sum of reciprocal of all resistance connected in parallelform.

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