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Solar Electricity Production

The sun has been the main source of energy for millions of years and also in future. Demand for the energy is set to double in other 15 to 20 years. Fossil fuels meet up to to 85% of the total energy requirements. By another 30 to 40 years fossil fuels reserve will get over. Therefore there is need of alternate fuel which is renewable and more Eco-friendly. Now a days,  due to increasing price of fossil fuel there is lot of demand for alternate energy that is not derived from the fossil fuels. Alternate energy includes solar energy which the earth receives in huge amount from the sun rays.

  Solar Electricity Production

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The Types of Technologies used in Solar Power Plants

Solar power plants using parabolic dish: Solar concentrator is a device which is used to collect the sunlight falling on the large area to concentrate it onto small region. When sunlight is concentrated at a point, its cause‚Äôs intense heating. To produce high temperatures either mirrors or lenses are used. Sun Rays which are falling on the reflector are converged to single point. A large reflector is made of many small reflectors. Electricity is produced when the concentrated light is directed on to the photo voltaic surface or to heat the fluid and convert it in to steam to drive the electric generators in power plants to produce electricity.

Solar power plants using parabolic trough: Here solar energy is used to generate electricity. Parabolic troughs are used as thermal solar concentrators.  It mainly consists of long array of curved mirrors that form the trough and focus the sun rays on the pipe through which the fluid flows. The fluid gets heated due to focused sun rays and gets converted in to steam which flows through the generators to produce electricity.

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Solar Power Towers

Solar power towers: Here fields of mirrors are used to reflect the solar energy towards the central tower in which there is fluid (water).  The fluid gets heated and gets converted in to steam which runs the turbine. 

Technology to capture and use the solar energy is in the stages of experimentation and very expensive as of now. As the technology improves, solar energy can be produce in large quantities and becomes very cheap and can be used in our day to day life..