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Uniform Circular Motion Examples

Motion:  A body is to be in motion when its position changes continuously with respect to a stationary object taken as reference point.

Uniform motion:  A body has a uniform motion if it travels equal distances in equal intervals of time, no matter how small these time intervals may be.

Uniform speed:   A body has a uniform speed if it travels equal distance in equal intervals of time, no matter how small these time intervals may be.

Circular motion:  When a body moves in a circle, then the motion of the body is defined as circular motion.

Uniform circular motion: Any body when moves in a circular path with uniform speed then its motion is known as uniform circular motion.  When a body moves in circular path, then its direction of motion keeps changing continuously.  A force is needed to produce circular motion.  The force which is needed to make an object travel in a circular path is called centripetal force.

Diagram of uniform circular motion:

Circular Motion   

 Formula to calculate speed of a body in a uniform circular motion:

      A body takes one round of a circular path, then it travels a distance equal to its circumference,

                circumference  = 2`Pi`r     where r is the radius of the circular path.

     The speed of the body moving along circular path is given as,

                 v =  `(2pir)/(t)`            

  where,  `Pi = 22/7` ,  r = radius of the circular path,  t = time taken for one round of circular path.

Examples of Uniform Circular Motion -i

  Uniform Circular Motion

  • Artificial satellites move under uniform circular motion around the earth. The force of the gravity of the earth keeps the satellite in circular orbit around it
  • The moon moves in uniform circular motion around the earth.
  • All the planets move in uniform circular motion around the sun.
  • The tip of seconds' hand of a watch exhibits uniform circular motion on the circular dial of the watch.
  • An athlete moving on a circular track with a constant speed exhibits uniform circular motion.
  • A stoned tied to a thread and rotated in circular motion.
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Examples of Uniform Circular Motion-ii

  • Wheel of any vehicle moves along a circular path.
  • Merry-go-around in full speed.
  • Water pump in a garden which throws water in a circular motion
  • An electron moving around its nucleus
  • Amusement park rides
  • An audio CD or disc runs in a player
  • Moving fan
  • Moving turbine
  • Wind mill
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