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Linear Velocity

Velocity refers to the “rate at whichthe object changes its position”. If an object changes and comesback to its original position then the velocity of that object issaid to be zero. Since velocity is defined as the rate at which theposition changes, this motion results in zero velocity.

Velocity is a vector quantity.

One must include direction informationin order to fully describe the velocity of the object. For instance,you must describe an object's velocity as being 55 mi/hr, east.

This is one of the essentialdifferences between speed and velocity. Speed is a scalar quantityand does not keep track of direction; velocity is a vector quantityand is direction aware.

What is linearvelocity: It is the velocity of the object traveling in astraight line or in other words the body is said to be moving withlinear-velocity when its direction is not changing. For exampleconsider a car which is traveling south with a constant speed of12 m/sec and a bike is traveling on a circular track.

Out of these two the car is said tohave linear form of velocity since its traveling straight whereasthe bike does not have this velocity since its traveling in a curveand the bike keeps on changing its direction every given time.

It is the velocity of an object traveling in a straight line or in other words the body is said tobe moving with linear-velocity when it has uni-direction.

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Constant LinearVelocity

When a body moves with a constant speedin uni-direction then it is suppose to be moving with a constantlinear velocity.

It highlights that the direction is notchanging, while the constant shows that the magnitude is not changingas well.

For example the data read on a CD, isread with constant velocity from the center to its outer edge.

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Linear VelocityEquation:

Velocity is given by speed / timetaken

Things do not always move with aconstant velocity. The velocity may change. The instantaneousvelocity is the velocity "right now", the velocity at someparticular moment. We usually shorten that and say simply "thevelocity".

Velocity can be expressed as

v = s / t


v = velocity (m/s, ft/s)

s = linear displacement (m, ft)

t = time (s)

Linear velocity is given by

Given a fixed speed vand radius r ,then

Linear Velocity 

Where v is the linear-velocity andomega is angular velocity. This equation gives the relation for both.

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