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Radium Metal Halide


Radium is the element whose atomic number is 88. The radium is represented by the symbol Ra. The various properties of radium are:

Physical Properties Of Radium:

1. Radium exists in nature in solid phase.

2. The density of radium is 5.5 g/cm3

3. The melting point of radium is 973 K

4. The boiling point of radium is 2010 K

5. The heat of vaporization of radium is 113 KJ/mol

Chemical Properties Of Radium:

1. Radium is present in only one oxidation state i.e. +2.

2. The electro negativity of radium is 0.9 in Pauling scale.

3. The ionization enthalpy of radium is as such:

1st ionization enthalpy: 509 KJ/mol

2nd ionization enthalpy: 979 KJ/mol

4. Bromine is nonmagnetic in nature.   

5. The crystal structure of radium is body-centered cubic.

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Radium Metal Halide

 The radium compounds are very rare on earth surface due to its short life period. The other reason for the lack of stable compounds of Radium is due to its radioactive nature. The most of the compounds of radium are present in the uranium ores.The various radium metal halides are : Radium flouride (RaF2) Radium chloride (RaCl2) Radium bromide (RaBr2) Radium iodide (RaI2).

The general formula for halide compounds is M x X y where M is the metal or organic compound and X is the halogen. The halide ion of radium metal halide always bear a negative charge on anion. The general reaction for the formation of radium metal halide is :

M + X2   `|->`  MX2 (where X = F, Cl, Br and I).

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Properties Of Radium Metal Halide:

All radium metal halides are nearly white in color. There is no any consistency of this white color because of the nature of this compound to emit radiation from its surface. Hence, they become discolor after standing for some time. Radium metal halides ionizes the surrounding in which it is present because of its radioactive nature. There is an emission of blue color radiation from the surface of radium metal halides. They get discharge in electroscope. They produces flouroscence in different organic compounds. They imparts a carmine color to a flame. 

Uses Of Radium

The various uses of radium are:

1. The use of radium is as a radioactive element because it is more powerful emitter and it is safer to handle radium for purposeful work in controlled manner.

2. Radium is used as a self-luminous paint for the watches.

3. It act as a source of alpha particle to probe in the depth of gold metal.

4. It is used in medical field for the production of radon gas which is helpful in the treatment of cancer.

5. It is used as a source of neutron when mixed with beryllium metal.

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